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Charlotte Sylvestersen fortæller fra Milano historien om Coronavirus i Italien, fra den I dag — den Torsdag Chefen for Det Civile Beredskab er sygemeldt, men testet negativ for coronavirus. To italienske coronavirus-patienter er flyttet til Dresden i Tyskland, og […]. Den finder i år sted i de københavnske biografer fra den Festivalen viser over forskellige dokumentarfilm fra hele verden og byder samtidig på foredrag, oplæg og koncerter.

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Ansvarshavende redaktør: Per Calum. I redaktionen: Ib Lindberg. Poul Malmkjær, Peter Schepelern.

Face of the Frog

The poet and Lillemor have become parents, but poetry and washing the diapers are two subjects which are hard to unite under the same roof. The two just married couples, the barber Anton and Vera plus the baker and Lise, are having some difficulties with their marriages but that doesn't scare off the butcher, who's got the hots for the midwife. This moniker refers to the bulging-eyed mask worn by the evildoer, anatinae is reflected by the frog icons painfully tatooed onto the forearms of his henchmen. The trail leads to the country manor of an enigmatic, steely-eyed nabob, whose repressed son has eyes for the artistes at the Lolita cabaret, and whose lovely daughter captures the fancy of both the American playboy and the villain himself. Murder, kidnapping and seduction ensue. Databehandling all begins when ex-boxer and hotel owner Ford Fordson wants to get a little workout Rocky-style in the kitchen meat locker.